EnergoProekt-Stalkonstrukciya is a state-of-the-industry company that provides integrated solutions in the field of building and construction, reconstruction and completion of large industrial facilities and power assets, manufacture and assembly of any complexity degree, development of technical documentation.
Our basic concern is to make the clients business more enduring and efficient.

Mission of EnergoProekt-Stalkonstrukciya is to be smooth-running company that remains up-to-date with evolving technology, is responsible before its clients. The pledge of its realization is expertise, modern technical equipment and competent management. This allows us to carry out projects quickly and efficiently, and all of them comply with clients technical requirements and specifications.

Today EnergoProekt-Stalkonstrukciya is the successful tenderer in the implementation of both government (federal and regional) and private sector projects .
We hope that our experience, competence and commitment to work will be required by our clients for large industrial and power projects.

Main activities

  • Perfoming functions of general contractor;
  • Development and turn-key construction of petroleum processing facilities, petrochemistry facilities, oil production facilities and other;
  • General construction work;
  • Assemblage and erection of processing equipment en bloc 1,000 ton;
  • Manufacturing of assembly units and erection of industrial pipelines, erection of steelworks, including optional equipment;
  • Manufacturing, erection of steel tanks with a maximum capacity of  50,000 stere, using method of layer wall installation and rol method;
  • Erection and repair of the pump-compressor equipment, processing equipment;
  • Development, manufacture, erection, starting-up and adjustment of pipe furnace;
  • Welding of heat-resistant and heat-resisting steel;
  • Thermal processing and grade control of joint welds;
  • Antirust processing of structural units and fireproofing.


Completed projects



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n Happy builder's day!
Dear colleagues!
Congratulations on upcoming professional holiday the Day of the Builder!
We wish you more rich colors of life, strong family foundation and new constructive heights!n
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n August, 10 corporate event was held on the occasion of the Day of the Builder in the resort "Igora"! Despite the poor weather conditions, colleagues actively participated in festive program and managed to keep spirits riding high.n